Wednesday, 4 July 2012

* MUA Haul- Lipsticks&Blushers*

Hello beauties! Haven't blogged for long time now however I've decided to come back!The MUA make up line has been out for a long while, I didn't pay too much attenction to it as most items are only £1 each.  However after seeing some good reviews and swatches online I decided to give them a go! So today I went to Superdrug and picked up 4 items, I was originally planning to get the eyeshadow palettes unluckily my local Superdrug doesn't stock them! oh well I will just get them when I go to the bigger store next time.

Today I have bought 2 lipsticks and 2 blushers: shade 4 & shade 16 Lipstick, shade 1 and shade 2 blusher


Lipstick Overview (Out of 5 ❤)

Pigmentation ❤❤
Moisturisation ❤❤❤❤❤
Long Lasting ❤❤
Packaging ❤❤
Smell ❤❤❤❤
Overall ❤❤❤❤
Would I recommend it? YES!

The lipsticks are very very moisturising, which I LOVE! I am a fan of shiny lipsticks and some high end lippies I owe have awfully dry formulas.  Even though these lipsticks look very bright but it is not very pigmented once applied, also it has a sweet scent. Nevertheless it provides a very natural look which will be perfect for work and school. 
I believe Shade 4 is the most popular one since I have seen many reviews on the internet, it is an adorable baby pink colour which I am totally in love with!! oh yeah as I mentioned I saw the MUA line a long time ago but was not really interested because I thought it will be bad in terms of quality and pigmentation etc. It addition the lipsticks look extremely bright on the display which really have put me off lol!  Apparently Shade 16 is just released recently, and it is a coral/orange colour.   
Actually I remember I had the shade 1 back to a while ago, I bought it for a Halloween party which was a dark red, ended up giving it to a friend cos she liked the colour. Today I did try on the other colours as well shade 15 was another one I wanted but unluckily that was out of stock. I would definately purchase this again in the future! 

◆*.◆*.◆*.◆*◆*.◆◆*.----BLUSHER--- ◆*.◆*.◆*.◆*. 

Blusher Overview (Out of 5 ❤)

Pigmentation ❤❤
Moisturisation N/A
Long Lasting N/A ( sorry I haven't tried it on my cheeks yet! )
Packaging ❤ ( nothing fancy at all just the simplest packaging but hey for a pound what else would you expect! and it is the product that really matters :] )
Smell N/A ( fragrance free) 
Overall ❤❤❤❤
Would I recommend it? YES!

On the MUA website shade 1 is a baby pink blusher however I don't understand why the one I bought is like a peachy pink colour, oh well I don't really care cos I still like it :D shade 2 is more of a vintage pink which is quite cute too. I haven't tried these on my cheeks yet but I am looking forward to do so in the next few days! 

most MUA products costs £1 but some products cost a little bit higher (still very CHEAP!)
you can purchase them Here
and they ship internationally ;)
or if you are in the UK you can just walk into Superdrugs 

◆*.◆*.◆*.◆*. my MUA wishlist ◆*.◆*.◆*.◆*.

                   Heaven and Earth Palette

Undressed Palette

I want the undressed palette so bad cos so many people have said that it is a naked palette dupe!! >.<

anyways talk soon hope my post helps you a little bit ;)

Friday, 17 April 2009

wish list

revlon colorstay foundation
this is such a high rated fdt ive got to get it!! everyone is saying that this is one of the best they have tried. well when i have used up all my foundations cos iv got so many atm :P

the mac 187 brush

apprantly this is such a good brush either for fdt or blush

the only one thing that gets me on the way is its a bit pricey for me

but im sure i will get it very very soooon! ;)

to be continued...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Foundation application (1)

so umm yeah this is my first post!!

im going to show u guys how i apply my liquid fdt

Products that i used:

How i apply:
1 apply the olay mouisteriser
2 once is dried apply the primer
3 about 2 minutes after apply the foundation
a Take a pea size fdt to the back of my hand (can be mixed with mouisteriser if is needed)
b Use a brush to dap it on the face (ive been using blush brush to apply my fdt recently lol! i find it looks more narual but you can use the fdt brush or sponge?!! WHATEVER!! lol its totally up 2 u!)

c Set my fdt with the mineral fdt loose powder (again some people use loose powder or pressed powder)
d Use the highlighter to hightlight under eyes, along the sides of your nose, forehead and the hollow of your chin. basically just apply on the dark areas of your face

Ohhh! i forgot 1 thing is to conceal!
its very easy just apply it where is needed (use 1-2 shade lighter than ur skin tone concealer if u r going to put it under eyes)

Hope this helps!