Thursday, 16 April 2009

Foundation application (1)

so umm yeah this is my first post!!

im going to show u guys how i apply my liquid fdt

Products that i used:

How i apply:
1 apply the olay mouisteriser
2 once is dried apply the primer
3 about 2 minutes after apply the foundation
a Take a pea size fdt to the back of my hand (can be mixed with mouisteriser if is needed)
b Use a brush to dap it on the face (ive been using blush brush to apply my fdt recently lol! i find it looks more narual but you can use the fdt brush or sponge?!! WHATEVER!! lol its totally up 2 u!)

c Set my fdt with the mineral fdt loose powder (again some people use loose powder or pressed powder)
d Use the highlighter to hightlight under eyes, along the sides of your nose, forehead and the hollow of your chin. basically just apply on the dark areas of your face

Ohhh! i forgot 1 thing is to conceal!
its very easy just apply it where is needed (use 1-2 shade lighter than ur skin tone concealer if u r going to put it under eyes)

Hope this helps!


  1. that's good tips to choose and use these make up.... I like moisteriser too......

  2. nice tips! so helpful! thanks so much!
    i will come and visit ur blog on a daily basis, keep it up!^^