Friday, 17 April 2009

wish list

revlon colorstay foundation
this is such a high rated fdt ive got to get it!! everyone is saying that this is one of the best they have tried. well when i have used up all my foundations cos iv got so many atm :P

the mac 187 brush

apprantly this is such a good brush either for fdt or blush

the only one thing that gets me on the way is its a bit pricey for me

but im sure i will get it very very soooon! ;)

to be continued...


  1. is revlon so good? i doubt because it cause skin trouble to MANY of my friends...btw ur blog looks clean and comfortable XP
    i am HUGE fan of Japanese foundation...
    nice 2 meet u

  2. hey nice to meet you too and thanks for your comment =]
    i only have a mascara from revlon and i dont like it that much :S
    i havent tried this product yet but many many many people said its great!
    but different people have different skin types although it doesnt work well on your friends but it probably works well on someone else

    i love love japanese make ups but seems like its impossible to get them in UK :(

  3. Oh you gotta have the 187 brush. It's my favorite, it's soft and feels so good on your face. and you can use it for liquid foundation, blush, bronzer..etc. It's worth the money. and if you clean your brushes, it last way much longer!!